prepare the following documents before hiring

[Personal identification documents]

The following items are required to hire the services

  • Driver's license
  • proof of address
  • my number card
  • Health insurance card + supporting documents
  • zairyu card
  • 日本国パスポート+
  • The address registered on the verification document is different.
    Please make sure your current address is correct before applying.

Click here for other ID verification documents and notes

[SIM card unlock]

Smartphones purchased from mobile operators are controlled by SIM lock, Unlocking procedures are required when using SIM cards from other companies.

[MNP reserve number for transfer from another company]

You must use a phone number
Note that there must be at least 11 days before the expiration date.

Click here for MNP


[Credit card]

Credit card with the same name as the contractor Use (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express).

  • Some debit cards, including JCB, cannot be used.

[Approval may be required]

If the contractor is a minor or elderly (71 years or older), a consent form is required.

Check the following page for details.

Click here for other ID verification documents and notes

steps to start using

  1. step 1

    Please select an option and proceed.
    about 15 minutes

  2. step 2

    After completing the application, a SIM card will be issued.

    • Shipping may take longer due to holidays and weather.
  3. step 3

    Receive your SIM card.

  4. step 4

    Change the SIM card, make the APN (access point) settings and start using.